Hey Jets Fans,

I’m sure you all already know that our New York Jets head into Foxboro this Sunday at 4:30pm to play the Pats. Screw the Patriots!

If last Saturday’s crowd is any indication, this Sunday’s crowd is going to blow it away. Be sure to come early to get your seat as I know we have people coming in from all over Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Spring Hill and more. I’ve spoken to Peabody’s management and they do seem to be much better prepared for the Green onslaught this week.

Here’s a few things you should know.

New York Jets Super Bowl III Champ Earl Christy will be in the house with us on Sunday to help lead the charge. Earl’s always willing to shake a hand, give an autograph or snap a photo with the fans. If you’re lucky, he may even let you try on that Jets Super Bowl Ring he wears. Earl is well know to the regulars in the fan club for his “It’s Our Time” chant and his word of the week. Earl’s word of the week this week is also how our boys in green will be on the field: RELENTLESS! That’s Perfect!

As always we will be doing our 50/50 raffle and Jets prize giveaway. However, to make it even more fun this week, after the regular half-time drawings are complete be sure to hold onto your raffle tickets as we’ll be giving away Jets stuff during commercials and throughout much of the rest of the game.

Speaking of the prizes, last weeks big winner went home with $300 in his pocket. This week should also bring in quite a large pot. However, we’ll be sweetening the deal even more by adding an extra special prize into the raffle…

Fan club member Peter Zacek, owner of All Access Limousine, has offered up a 3 Hour Night Out on the Town in a 10 Passenger Limousine as another great prize for the raffle. The only stipulation… the winner must be wearing Jets Apparel. Sounds like a fair deal to me!

In addition to all the cool stuff happening on Sunday, there’s something else you might like. Linda Mitchell, one of our newest members, recent Tampa transplant and long time Jets fan has a bunch of old school Jets memorabilia she’s planning on selling. She’d like to offer these items up for sale to the members of the fan club first before putting them up on Ebay or Craigslist. In addition to all the great old-school stickers she supplied us with to giveaway a few weeks ago, many of you might be interested in obtaining some of the following stuff in Linda’s collection:

  • Year books from 1963 – 2007 including:
    • 1963 [1st year as Jets – poor condition]),
    • 1964 [1st yr at Shea],
    • 1968
  • Autographs
    • Renaldo Neimiah (WR and Olympic hurdler),
  • Autographed photos:
    • Nick Mangold,
    • D’B Ferguson,
    • Pat Leahy,
    • Al Toon,
    • Dennis Byrd,
    • Erik McMillan,
    • Bobby Jackson;
  • Older press guide books, and much more….
Let me know if you would be interested in checking out some of Linda’s stuff (and what you’d like to see) and she’ll bring it to P’s on Sunday for you to check out or buy.

Finally, if you missed my last message, I’ve been a busy beaver this week and updated the website with:

Check out the changes and let me know what you think.

Finally, here’s my prediction for Sunday…


Count on it people.

See you Sunday at P’s!




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