New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Banner
Jets Fan Club of Tampa Banner

Some places the Fan club has been mentioned or seen

The club was started over 6 years ago and has now been seen in many different places both online and off.  Here's a sampling...

100 Things Jets Fans Should Know & Do Before They DieThe latest mention of the Tampa Jets Fan club appears in the book "100 Things Jets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" by author Bill Chastain.  Number 48 in Bill's book (p.122) is Join a Jets Fan Club.

About halfway down the page Bill cites the New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay as an example.  Very Cool... Thanks Bill!

The book also has lot's of other great stuff including information on famous Jets players, famous games, famous plays, trivia, even the evolution of the Jets uniform.  All 100 things are written in short, easy to read 1-3 page chapters that's sure to put a smile on your face or make you say "I didn't know that!"

Pick up a copy for yourself through Amazon by clicking the book link on the left. Purchases made through the site help support the Fan Club.

Former Late Show with David Letterman freelance writer and stand-up comic Dan Vollmayer writes, hosts, and produces a weekly New York Jets comedy webseries that can be seen on YouTube.  It's "The Soup" meets "Sportscenter" meets "The Daily Show", and covers all things NEW YORK JET FOOTBALL.

On November 30th, 2010, Dan was discussing Rex Ryan's request for fans to arrive at the stadium early.  Dan, being a comedian, of course put his own spin on things.  At the 1:50 mark of the video, he includes a copy of the fan club in his broadcast.

Back on December 14th of 2008, as we arrived at Peabody's to watch the Jets play the Bills, we had no idea that one of the best pictures of the then much smaller fan club had been placed on the cover of the "Fan Appreciation Day" gameday playbook.  About an hour before the game started, various club members sitting in the room began to receiving pictures on their phones from friends and family that were at the game and looked down to see someone they knew on the cover of the program.  It was quite a surprise to us and also quite an honor. 

The following week... several members that had been at the game brought in a few handfuls of the programs that we were able to give out to each of the members who were in the photo.  It was quite a surprise and totally cool!

The Fan club has also been featured three times on the official New York Jets website. Here are the links to those articles.

Title: Tampa Fan Club Hosting Big Welcome for Jets
Published: 12-08-09
Author: Kyle Richardson

Title: Tampa Jets Fans Set to Hit the Road ... for Miami
Published: 09-01-08
Author: Stephen Haynes

Title: Tampa Fan Club is Green, Growing
Published: 05-11-07
Author: Marissa Shorenstein

Coming Soon...

Woody Johnson appearance at our Jets Tailgate party in Tampa.


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