In case anyone forgot, Sanchez ain’t Peyton Manning yet. His 2 huge blunders against the Saints were the difference in the game, period. We probably win that game otherwise. It would be a tall task to ask any team to go in there and beat the Saints right now, yet despite the Sanchez errors, we were right there with ’em. The defense was really stellar once again. To hold that team to 10 offensive points, in that dome, is awesome. Oh well, Sanchez should grow from this and move on just fine.

Congrats to NYJFCTB legend Bernie for winning the main raffle contest, and congrats to all the other winning participants. Once again it was awesome.

There were a ton of Jets fans there again, of course, and we rocked.

WEAR YOUR JETS CLOTHING TO THE CLUB, ESPECIALLY your Jets jersey or shirt. Jets hats, pants etc. are good and encouraged as well, but definitely the jersey/shirt needs to be on ya. Thanks for your happy cooperation, JETS FANS, who come to our JETS FAN club.

Everyone have a great week, and we’ll see ya NEXT MONDAY NIGHT at P’s for the spectacular SQUISH THE FISH fest!

Author: Jim “Mangold’s Brother”
Note: (Original post edited by Festa)

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