There are some things in this life that are inexplicable. The discovery of a ½ century worth of cover-ups. Spy Gate. Why Brad Pitt’s character is always eating in Ocean’s Eleven…and Twelve. But perhaps the most mind-boggling is why, in the world’s biggest media market, with perhaps the world’s most tantalizing, painfully God-fearing quarterback on his heels, in a year that is make or break – Mark Sanchez decided to have date night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Eva Longoria…Desperate Housewife. Jersey Jumper. Could-be mother. Cougar. DISTRACTION! Now one may argue that the guy just needs to let off some steam or whatever…but seriously, timing could not have been worse. He had to have known that there was nothing good that would come of this within the small, even-tempered media market that is New York. Right?! Obviously not. I mean, a guy’s got to eat. And it’s no fun eating alone. But I don’t think that headlines like this:

Are very good for team spirit 5 days shy of the season opener. How about this…go to Olive Garden with your O-line. Hang out at Chuck E Cheese with your receivers. Have some Pretzel M&Ms with Rex. Take Tim out for virgin daiquiris – make him order second; but for the love of Joe, don’t bring on any more distractions…

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