Login Details for 2016 NFL Survivor Pool

Thanks! Your payment has been received but you’re not done just yet.

Please bookmark/favorite this page and follow the steps below to register and/or login to our online NFL Survivor Pool:


  • If you’ve been a member of the Survivor Pool in the past, just visit http://www.runyourpool.com/.
  • Hit the Submit button (the form should already be filled out).
  • Choose the “I already have an EXISTING username and password” option and use the same information you used last year.
    • If you can’t remember your log in information, you can recover it by clicking the “I can’t remember my username or password” link.


1. Click here to Join the Pool

2. The form should already be filled out so you can just hit the Submit Button. If that does not work you can use the following information:

    • In the Pool ID box, enter the number 12642
    • In the Pool Password box, enter ‘PlayLikeAJet’ (without the single quotes)

3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.)

    • If you choose more than 1 for the “Number of Entries” box then you will need to pay separately for each entry.

4. Make your weekly pick, with the ability to change it right up until the weekly deadline.

It’s that easy. If you have any questions, let me know or e-mail runyourpool.com directly at support@runyourpool.com.

I’ll let you know how much the winner gets after the end of the last buyback week.  I’ll keep you posted how much is in on Week 1 as well.


Thanks and Good Luck!!!

See you at P’s.

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