Crappy weather, crappy game. Perhaps the Jets were a little burned out after back to back huge road wins. Perhaps they forgot that Denver can play football when they want to. Perhaps all that Super Bowl talk went to their heads. Anyway, despite the crappy weather and tornado watches here in Tampa, fan club members showed up Sunday, only to watch the Jets lose badly. In the process they lost an opportunity to distance themselves in their division, and position themselves better in the AFC playoffs picture.

Oh well, now they have to go back out to the west coast, where they’ve already lost twice to teams with losing records (Oakland and San Diego). If the Jets aren’t well prepared and fired up to play, it will be another long day. The 49ers are somewhat on the rise as of late, playing decent football with new head coach Mike Singletary leading the way. You better believe they’ll be fired up and ready to bring it to the Jets. We don’t need any more letdowns, with only 4 games left and the playoffs scenario taking shape.

So, let’s hope that this was the last bad game of the season for our Jets. We need 4 more weeks of kick ass Jets football. Then we can ride into the playoffs and capture that golden highway to Tampa Bay! Believe In Now!!!

Congrats to Mr. Inno for winning this weeks raffle. He won the cash and a Jets cap. At least he had something to smile about Sunday.

When It Rains… was last modified: March 31st, 2012 by Mangolds Brother

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