Because we know that the Jets will win their next 3 games and be 6-2 by the midway point. The next 2 games are against Buffalo and Oakland, which Tampa Catholic High could beat. Then we have Miami again at home, and I know for damn well certain they ain’t comin’ to our house and doin’ us again. We’ll be ready for that wildcrap offense next time. Payback will be sweet.

Braylon Edwards ROCKS! What a fantastic pickup for our Jets. We are contenders now, for sure. Sanchez looked pretty decent last night as well, and didn’t give up any stupid turnovers for touchdowns this time. But what happened to our stellar defense? They looked like crap, and allowed Miami QB Chad “who the hell?” Henne to look like freakin’ John Elway. I mean, they scored 31 offensive points on us, all on drives starting in their own territory. That’s completely unacceptable. We should have won that game. We we’re plenty good enough on offense, but this time our D let us down BIG TIME. This had better be the last bad performance by our D, Period. Rex, we’re puttin’ it on you to make sure of this.

Our crowd was smaller last night, which is understandable for a Monday night game. It was still a good crowd though, with our usual great energy. We’ll have another big crowd for sure this coming Sunday when we take on the Bills, which is another 4pm game people, don’t forget.

Congrats to all the fine winners of this week’s raffle. Sure is fun givin’ away those prizes every week.

See yall Sunday!

We’re Still Happy… was last modified: March 31st, 2012 by Mangolds Brother

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