Hey Jets Fans,

So much to talk about I don’t really know where to begin.

First, let’s start with the good news.

  • Our Jets are in first place in the east and are taking on the 49ers at home this week at 1pm.
  • The REAL refs will be back on the field and will hopefully not blow calls like the scrubs did. Good riddance and thank heavens!
  • Santonio actually managed to catch a few balls this last game.  Now if we can get Hill involved a bit more along with Kerley we may have something to cheer about.
The BAD news…
  • Obviously the big news is that our main man on defense, Mr. Revis, is out for the season.  That’s a heartbreaking loss and one the rest of the D is going to have to try damn hard to make up for.  EVERYONE is going to have to step up.
  • We need to get the ball into Timmy T’s hands a little more and see what he can do with it.  Maybe even let him throw one or two so it’s not so damn obvious what we’re going to do when he’s in.
  • We need to go back to GROUND & POUND.  What’s up with that?
  • Three games in, up a game on the Patriots, 2 and 0 in the division and everyone is telling us our season is over?  Give me a break people… it’s a long season.
No matter how you slice it, I for one am looking forward to the next few weeks to see the character of this team.  We’ve got quite a challenging schedule but strange things have been happening all season so “ya never know”.  Chin up and GO JETS!

Week 4 at Peabody’s

We’re are expecting a big turnout this week at Peabody’s so be sure to arrive early to get a seat.  It’s been great seeing all the regulars week in and week out and it’s been a lot of fun meeting all the Fan Club “Rookies” who are getting their first taste of what it’s like to watch a Jets game with the Fan Club.  Welcome to all of you.
Peabody’s management has assured me that they are working on the problems with the limited wi-fi access many experience and have also mentioned that they are planning on upgrading some of the TV’s in our room.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed on both accounts!
I’ve also got a whole batch of great new Jets products to raffle off including this Tim Tebow Action Figure, these Jets Car Mats and this Black Foldaway Duffel Travel Pack.
If you don’t actually win them in the raffle you can always grab your own by clicking the images to visit our partner store.  There are a ton of great Jets products from Jersey’s to Hats to Backpacks to Mugs and everything else in between.  A portion of every purchase goes to help support the fan club.

Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

We will also be continuing our fundraising efforts for Wounded Warriors.  Several of these very special, limited edition Military Challenge Coins (pictured below) were donated by club member and vet Christopher Deale who served in Iraq.  All proceeds collected ($5/ticket) will go to Wounded Warriors.  Winners will be announced during the  November 11th game in honor of Veterans Day.  You do not need to be present to win.

Special Thanks

Bobbee Broderick of B&B Photography

I want to give a special shout out and big thank you to new Fan Club member Bobbee Broderick.  Not only did he offer up a great raffle prize for week one but he also took my new favorite Group shot of the Fan Club.  On top of that, he printed up a 4 foot x 3 foot poster of the shot for the fan club as well.

It ROCKS Bobbee!  Thanks.

Get a look at all the great photo’s Bobbee took during Week 1 and Week 2 by clicking the links below.

These are a completely different set of pictures than the ones I take and put up on Facebook and here on the clubs website. You can even get full size prints of any of the photo’s for really reasonable prices.  For the game against the Steelers, Bobbee even opened up the gallery so you can download any picture you want in Super High Def… even the group shot below!

Group Shot taken during week 2 of 2012 season - Jets-vs-Steelers

Here are the links to the photo’s Bobbee took.  Enjoy!

Week 1 vs the Bills http://www.bb-photography.org/Sports/20120909-Jet-Fan-Club/25293076_PccNwF

Week 2 vs the Steelers: http://www.bb-photography.org/Sports/20120916-Jet-Fan-Club/25418244_KtJWRx

Automax of Land O’ Lakes

Another big shout out to new club sponsor Eddie Leite who owns the car lot Automax in Land O’ Lakes.  Eddie responded  to my desperate plea for help with my wife’s car on our Facebook page.  He’s been a man of his word and a truly nice guy to both my wife and I.  He’s also told me he’s willing to help out other fan club members.  So, if you’ve been looking for a  previously owned car, please give Eddie a call and mention you’re a Jets Fan Club member.

Would you like to become a club sponsor?

If you own a local business (or know someone who does) then why not become a Fan Club sponsor?  Becoming a Sponsor of the New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay is absolutely free.

All we ask is that you be willing to offer any person that show’s their current Fan Club Membership Card some form of discount or special offer. Maybe it’s 10% off their bill, perhaps it’s a “buy one, get one at half off”, maybe it’s “get a free soda when you order two slices of pizza”, or whatever else you’d be willing to do for our members.

You might even want to consider donating something of value to be raffled off in our weekly drawing.  It could be some Jets merchandise donated by your business or else it could be a special offer for something of value at your business.

No matter what you decide, the idea is to promote your business and to bring in fellow New York Jets fans into your place.

Well that’s all for me until Sunday folks!  Hope to see you all at P’s


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