Hey Jets Fans,

Whoa… what a crazy game last night, huh? 

Forget calling them the New York Jets.  Forget Gang Green, forget Same-Old-Jets… forget it ALL. 
The official nickname for our  boys in green really needs to changed.  I propose…

It’s a tough thing being a Jets fan sometimes.  I get it. But if last season taught us anything it’s that you can not count out the Cardiac Kids until the last tic of the clock is off the board

So all you New York Jets fans that were bellyaching in the 3rd Quarter or who left the bar, turned off your TV or, heaven forbid, left the stadium before the game was over, well…. SHAME ON YOU!!!  After last season you should know better. 
I learned that lesson 11 years ago the hard way on a fateful Monday night back in October of 2000 during a Jets / Dolphins game now affectionately known as the “Monday Night Miracle”.  That night the Jets were down 30 – 7 at the end of the third quarter and I was a doubter.  I left that game before the 4th quarter to beat the traffic home. 
Uy.. what a ma-roon. 
I wound up missing the second largest fourth-quarter comeback in NFL history and thelargest comeback in Jets history.   That game has also been voted the greatest gametelevised on ABC’s Monday Night Football.  And I missed it because I didn’t believe.
Since that day, I never say it’s over until it really truly is over.
If you tuned out or turned off, you missed another exciting come-from-behind victory and the soul lifting victory-dance that followed after it was over.  You missed the screaming and the yelling and the excitement of the blocked punt returned for a TD all because you didn’t believe in our Cardiac Kids.
You missed the Revis interception!  You missed the Nick Folk 50 yard game winner (are you serious… Nick Folk actually hit a clutch 50 yard field goal… come on, who was thinking that was going through… holy crap!) 
It’s enough to give you a coronary! 
All the gloom and doom on your faces in the third makes me crazy.  You gotta believe people. The Cardiac Kids believe in themselves and in their coach and they nevergive up.  This is football people and strange things sometimes happen. The nice thing is those strange things seem to be happening in the Jets favor these days.  
The Cardiac Kids love play with our emotions.  The bring us down… down really low, down to the ground before they kick in the after burners and blast us off into the heavens on the highest of highs. 
That’s Cardiac Kids football folks.
Sure it was ugly at times and sure we have some work to do.  But, when it really counted, the Cardiac Kids came through once again with a heart pounding and nearly heart stopping win.  
These are not the Same Old Jets, the same old Jets go on to lose that game. 


Sure you may need to call your doctor to up your dosage of Blood Pressure medication before you head out to watch them play but you also better strap in and enjoy the thrill ride known as New York Jets Football!
See you Sunday at 1pm.
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My given name may be Steve but my friends have been calling me Festa for the last 30 years. While I really miss going to all the JETS home games and tailgating with a large group of friends, it’s really great being here in Tampa around other JETS fans while we root for our team. When I founded the fan club in October of 2004 I never imagined it would become as massive as it now has with over 600 members from around the world and sister Fan Club Chapters in 4 other Florida cities and growing.

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