Hey Jets Fans,

If you’re planning on joining us for the New Years Day “Squish the Fish” road trip, it’s time to make your move. The South Florida Jets Fan Club is doing the organizing and have requested anyone that wants to go to their “Green Out” should click the link below and complete the form. You will not be charged at this time nor are you committed to buying the tickets if you fill out the form but decide later you don’t want them… it will just give them the headcount they need.

A couple of notes based on the questions I’ve received.
  • The costs mentioned are for the Ticket and the Tailgate (BYOB as alcohol is not included). The included bus ride is just if you want to ride the bus from Duffy’s bar in Miami to the Tailgate. Most of us will NOT be doing that and the cost is not cheaper if you don’t take that bus.
  • There will be an additional and separate cost if you want to take a bus from Tampa to Miami and back and/or if you need a hotel room.
  • You do not need to take our bus or stay at our accommodations to grab these tickets.
  • I’m planning on grabbing seats in the lower bowl for this game so for those that have asked… the more the merrier.

Please do not wait on filling out the form as the tickets could go on sale at any minute. As I will NOT be getting a copy of these forms, please let me know when you’ve filled it out and for how many seats and for which price level. Here’s that link again.

Go Jets!



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My given name may be Steve but my friends have been calling me Festa for the last 30 years. While I really miss going to all the JETS home games and tailgating with a large group of friends, it’s really great being here in Tampa around other JETS fans while we root for our team. When I founded the fan club in October of 2004 I never imagined it would become as massive as it now has with over 600 members from around the world and sister Fan Club Chapters in 4 other Florida cities and growing.

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