I know, I know… last weeks game against the Ravens was a disaster!  Let’s move on.

The good news for this weeks game against the Patriots is that our defense only gave up 13 of those 34 points in Baltimore.  If our D can keep the pressure on Brady and not allow him to get the ball to Welker, we have a great chance of winning this game. 

And win we must!

Going 2 – 3 with the Patriots sitting at 4 – 1 is not something the Jets, Rex or I want to be facing.  It’s going to be up to our offense to get back to the old “Ground and Pound” they’ve been talking about and begin to chew up big chunks of the clock before they put some points up to keep the ball away from Brady as much as possible.  Something along the lines of last years playoff game would be just what the doctor ordered. 

Not only would it put us even with the Patriots at 3-2, but it would give us the tie breaker advantage over them, (at least up to this point). It would also be the confidence boost I think Sanchez needs after getting knocked around silly last week.

Since tomorrow’s game is at 4:05, you need to be certain to get to Peabody’s early to get a prime viewing spot.  Patriots games always attract a bigger than average crowd and with so much riding on this game I expect a heck of a turnout. 

Also, since we’ve gone smoke free this season, we’re seeing a lot more kids and families coming out to watch the games so be sure to bring a friend or family member with you to experience a Jets game at P’s first hand.

If you can’t be at P’s with us, you can still catch all the action at the fan club by checking out our live stream during the game at http://www.livestream.com/jetsfanclub.

See you at Ps.

Go JETS!!!

Steve ‘Festa’ Scott

Must win game for Jets vs Patriots. was last modified: March 31st, 2012 by Festa

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My given name may be Steve but my friends have been calling me Festa for the last 30 years. While I really miss going to all the JETS home games and tailgating with a large group of friends, it’s really great being here in Tampa around other JETS fans while we root for our team. When I founded the fan club in October of 2004 I never imagined it would become as massive as it now has with over 600 members from around the world and sister Fan Club Chapters in 4 other Florida cities and growing.

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