Calling all Jets fans: Let’s have a record turnout this Sunday for the Bills game. We probably will anyway, but let’s be sure to, so show up and bring family and friends as well. BE SURE TO WEAR JETS ATTIRE (no more silly excuses, like our Jets clothes are in the wash). This is a huge game vs our division rivals. We really need to win this one to stay up in the division. The bigger the crowd we have, the bigger the winning vibe we can send to our boys in green and white.

We did have another good turnout for the Chiefs game, but not as many of us showed up compared to the past few weeks. It’s important that we continue to have a large crowd every week, win or lose. We need this to ensure our use of The Palms club. Let’s all try to be there for every game, if possible.

Congrats to Bernie for winning this weeks 50/50 raffle contest. He won $57 and the Jets dvd. Our raffles have had great participation every week, so we will continue to do this. In addition to the weekly 50/50 raffle, We’re considering another raffle contest with a big prize to be awarded at season’s end. Stay tuned.

Let’s Pack The Joint Big Time was last modified: March 31st, 2012 by Mangolds Brother

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