Another record crowd for the fan club Sunday. Once again the joint was rockin’ as we cheered our boys to victory, loudly and proudly. We all went home happy as our Jets did not allow an offensive touchdown against a good offense for the second straight week (Yes, even Houston is supposed to have a pretty good offense this year). Folks, this defense is FOR REAL.

Another big test this coming Sunday as we clash with the Titans. But hey, we’re the big, bold, brash and trash talkin’ Jets now, so bring em’ on! That’s right, we’re COCKY and we can back it up. Gotta love this new attitude Coach Rex brings!

It was funny watching Pats fans walk into our club, but then quickly realize that they were in the WRONG HOUSE yo, and got the hell out! They saw and felt the power of the mean green, and knew what was good for ’em.

Congrats also go out to our raffle winners as we gave away lots of great Jets goodies. Thanks to everyone for participating. This really helps the club out and is much appreciated.

Remember to make sure that you and yours wear JETS CLOTHING to the club. Still seeing a few folks in plain clothing, or worse, other teams gear. That ain’t gonna fly peeps. We love ya, but we ain’t interested in your creamsicle orange throwback Bucs crap, or whatever.

Until we meet again Sunday, everyone have a great week.

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