Join us in Miami on Sept, 26th as Jets Fans from across the country gather together for the 2010 Squish the Fish Roadtrip!

Ticket Details

  • Tickets will be together in a group in the 400 level sidelines (between 411 and 417) of the Jets side of the field at Dolphins Stadium.
  • There are people from about 10 other Fan Clubs from across the country that will also be sitting nearby and we will be getting together with them for the Tailgate Party too.

Tailgate Party Details (5pm – 8pm)

  • Great food prepared by professional on-site caterers.
  • Unlimited drinks with the infamous Ticket Chicks pouring cocktails from the Tiki Bars and beverages include soda, water, hunch punch, beer, margaritas, pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris from the Jimmy Buffett margarita maker.
  • Tailgate Olympics – tailgaters will be organized into teams of two and they will compete in the sports of corn hole, ladder golf, beer/soda pong and chicken wing eating.The winners of this competition win TWO CLUB ACCESS FIELD SIDELINE PASSES TO THE GAME THAT DAY.
  • Live Music by DJ Supersede voted Miami’s Best Club DJ. Supersede has been the resident DJ of the Ultimate VIP tailgate for three seasons now. His mash-ups and mixes are always crowd pleasers.
  • Huge RV with LCD TV’s to watch the late games and hear pre-game analysis on our Jets.
  • Only 400 tickets are available for purchase. All are bing sold to the general public for $60/head and ANYONE, including Dolphins fans can, purchase tickets through the tailgate company. If we buy them up first we basically have a semi-private party.
  • There will also be a pre-party gathering at Hammerjacks sports bar and grill in Miami.

Transportation Details

  • Transportation to and from the game leaving from Peabody’s parking lot in New Tampa.
  • Bus will be leaving at 9:30am to meet up with the other fan clubs from around the country coming to this event at Hammerjacks Bar.
  • Bus will head over to stadium for the tailgate party.
  • Bus will be returning to Tampa shortly after the game ends.
  • Prices are still being negotiated but we hope to keep it to about $45/person (could be slightly lower or higher depending on the number of people going).

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About Festa

My given name may be Steve but my friends have been calling me Festa for the last 30 years. While I really miss going to all the JETS home games and tailgating with a large group of friends, it’s really great being here in Tampa around other JETS fans while we root for our team. When I founded the fan club in October of 2004 I never imagined it would become as massive as it now has with over 600 members from around the world and sister Fan Club Chapters in 4 other Florida cities and growing.

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