Hey Jets Fans,

The Jets play their next game this Sunday at 4:15 against the Miami Dolphins. We’ll be at Peabody’s as always ready to root for our boys in Green and damn sure ready to forget Monday nights debacle in Foxboro.

Sure… Monday’s spanking by the Patriots was an embarrassing nightmare of a game. It might also have been exactly what the Jets needed… a MAJOR wake up call!!!

Nothing at all went right for the Jets on a night that Tom Brady was on top of his game. Sanchez looked like he was throwing directly to the Pats secondary, the o-line stunk it up, our receiver’s couldn’t pull the ball in when it count, our kicker continues to “Folk-up”, our punter (who is usually solid gold) was kicking 13 yarders, and the defense, despite a couple of sacks, couldn’t do shit to stop the dink and run that the Patriots pulled off with precision all night. Quite simply it was a thrashing of epic proportion.

You know what… it needed to happen. We needed a kick in the ass. Now it’s time to move on.

I’ve been saying all week that if we’d won that game and then likely faced the Patriots again in the Playoffs, there is almost no way we’d have won. Winning three in a row against Brady and Belichick is nearly impossible. However, when we face them again, and we will face them again, it will be in the playoffs, when it truly counts and we’ll have a huge chip on our shoulder and a reason to avenge a night that we’d all sooner forget.

Speaking of forgetting that game, did you hear what Rex did? I loved hearing this one… on Wednesday, after an off day for the team on Tuesday, Rex called the team out by one of the practice fields and led them to a hole in the ground where he literally buried a football from the Patriots game. Basically, he held a funeral for the game and it’s memory. Dead and buried… how cool is Rex!!! Love that guy! Some of the players said it was the most memorable motivational tactic they’d ever seen. We’ll see soon.

Now, it’s time to renew the passion and the fight. Now it’s time prove to themselves and the rest of the league once again that the Jets are indeed Super Bowl contenders. The Jets need to take out Miami with the same kind of precision the Patriots did to us. None of these late minute comebacks. None of this letting a team back into it late in the game. We need a complete game! A game where there is no question who the better team is.

Keep in mind that Miami games are typically always tough games. No matter how good or bad each team is in a given year, a Jets / Dolphins game is always interesting. Sunday’s game needs to be lopsided. We need to show everyone that Monday’s game was a fluke, an abberation, voodoo, something. That was not Jets Football.

Our schedule does not get any easier over the following two weeks either. We’ve still got to play Pittsburgh and Chicago before finishing up against Buffalo. We’ve got to finish strong. I actually think the Jets play better when playing as underdogs anyway. They like showing everyone they can win when no one thinks they can.

Sure…, Monday’s loss sucked but it’s not the end of our season. It’s just the beginning of our run for the Super Bowl. Monday’s game is the one we’ll look back at and say… that was the game that changed our attitude and made us stronger!

Count on it people.

See you Sunday at P’s!



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