Sure…. the Jets making the post season this year looks like a long shot.  But ya know… stranger things have happened.  Take 2009 for instance.  After the Jets lose to Atlanta by a score of 10-7 in week 15, Rex Ryan says the Jets are out of it only to find out later that statistically, they still had a shot.

Yes it was a long shot but it was a shot.  With week 16 looming and the Jets heading into Indianapolis to take on the undefeated Colts (boy have things changed in a scant two years huh) the Jets needed a series of unlikely events to unfold.  According to the reports, for the Jets to make the playoffs they needed to:
  • Beat Indianapolis (14-0),
  • Hope Jacksonville (7-7) loses at New England (9-5), AND 
  • Miami (7-7) loses vs. Houston (7-7) at home.
In addition to that the Jets also needed either of the following:
  • Have Baltimore (8-6) lose at Pittsburgh (7-7), OR
  • Denver (8-6) lose at Philadelphia (10-4).
It was a serious long shot and we seemed in need of an act of God for things to swing in our favor. Guess what happened:
  • Our Jets beat Indy 29-15 (yeah, yeah, I know… Peyton sat out… boo hoo)
  • New England beat the Jaguars 35-7
  • Houston beat Miami 27-20
  • Pittsburgh beat Baltimore 23-20 and
  • Philadelphia beat Denver 30-27
Whod’a thunk it?  
The unthinkable happened and the Jets went on a road winning streak to get to the AFC Championship game.  Is it possible that history repeats itself again… WHY NOT?
The miracle the Jets need this year is about as unlikely but no less possible.  
  • First… the Jets (8-7) need to beat the Dolphins (5-10) in Miami to have any chance.
  • Next, we need Baltimore (11-4) to knock of division rivals Cincinnati (9-6) and
  • Houston (10-5) at home needs to take out Tennessee (8-7)
  • Finally we need either Oakland (8-7) at home to lose to San Diego (7-8) or 
  • Denver (8-7) to lose at home against Kansas City (6-9)
However unlikely… it’s certainly not impossible.  I’m going into Sunday with an open mind and not less than a few prayers to the football gods.  Maybe you’ll join me? I mean what the hell… stranger things have happened (and only a couple of years ago too).

What do you think?

Lets go Jets!

Head Coach
New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay
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