Hey Jets Fans,

The Jets head into Foxboro this Sunday at 4:30pm to play our hated rivals the New England Patriots. (FEH!)

Peabody’s will be completely off the hook so get their early or be prepared to stand. We had about 200 fans for the Colts game and I’m guessing we’ll be anywhere in the 250 – 300 range on Sunday. I can’t wait!!!

I’ve also updated the website with:

Now, let’s step back here a second. Every Jets fan remembers the Monday Night Nightmare from just a few short weeks ago. Let’s face it… it was UGLY!

But you know what… PAYBACK IS SWEET!

We tasted the sweetness of it against the Colts last week holding Peyton and his Colts to just 16 points and only two possessions in the second half. That’s what being motivated by payback can do for a team.

If it was personal last week for Rex, this week it’s personal for everyone on the team. This time it’s pure revenge!

Here’s a quote from the email I sent shortly after the loss to the Patriots:

“… if we’d won that game and then likely faced the Patriots again in the Playoffs, there is almost no way we’d have won. Winning three in a row against Brady and Belichick is nearly impossible. However, when we face them again, and we will face them again, it will be in the playoffs, when it truly counts and we’ll have a huge chip on our shoulder and a reason to avenge a night that we’d all sooner forget.”

And guess what… I was spot on.

Sunday has a different feel for the team and for the fans because we had our heads handed to us last time. If we had beat the Patriots both times this season, we’d have gone into New England thinking we were the shit and that we had the Pats number.

However, getting beat up on a few weeks ago raises the intensity on this game for every player, it raises the intensity at every practice, on every coach, and the memory of that last game will be the JET FUEL for every PLAY on Sunday that will push our Jets to new heights and on to the AFC Championship Game!

You know why… because ever Jets player in the locker room and every Jets fan in the country does have a chip on their shoulder and does have a reason to avenge a night that they would all sooner forget.

What better way to forget it then to send New England home. This is the season tiebreaker and this is the only one of the three games they’ll play all year that REALLY counts.

For the Jets it’s time to renew the passion and the fight. It’s time prove to themselves and the rest of the league once again that the Jets are indeed Super Bowl contenders.

Screw the Patriots and screw the naysayers!

JETS WIN!!! Count on it people.

See you Sunday at P’s!



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