Wish we had known sooner, but most of us just found out today that it’s Irv’s birthday. Irv is the co-founder and Vice Prez of the club. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Irv, from the fan club!

It’s too bad the Jets decided not to give Irv a birthday gift with a victory. Instead, they SUCKED for the second straight week by losing to a lesser team. I think it may be time for the real Unabomber to send another message first thing Monday morning, and tell them we want 3 straight victories to close out the season OR ELSE, cuz this s–t ain’t gonna fly!

To tell ya the truth, it’s a waste of time to support a team if they choose to underachieve. It’s one thing to lose to a good team, or to have a bad game now and then, but to lose 2 straight games like this, at this point of the season with all that’s on the line, is just crap.

Oh well, let’s hope Buffalo sucks again next Sunday against the Jets, so we can get a win. If the Jets lose this one, then to hell with ’em! (ok, perhaps that’s a little too dramatic)

Congratulations to the multiple winners of the raffle contest today. We gave away autographed Favre stuff and other Jets merchandise. The main winner received $130 in cold cash.

Congrats to Amy, who was at the ACC championship game at Ray Jay on Saturday to watch her Virginia Tech Hokies defeat Boston College to win their second straight ACC crown. Good luck against Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl 🙂

And a big congrats to Gator Nation for defeating #1 ranked Alabama to win the SEC Championship!!! We got one more game left, the National Championship. Let’s win it all!

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