The Jets season ended in turmoil with the players seemingly at odds with one another. What could be done? Suddenly it happened: Divine Intervention. Well , at least that’s what some people who sensationalize any and everything our newest free agent does would like you to think. As a matter of fact I’m sure someone somewhere ( aside from myself ) is typing just that sort of story right now. As I’m sure you have also realized by now , not all Jets fans are happy about their latest acquisition. While the majority of Tebow over-enthusiasts merely refer to him as if he were superman in a galaxy where kryptonite had never even been heard of , there are those who insist on referencing his devout religious beliefs. AS you can tell by the title that as a Jets fans I have heard every word play on Tebowism that you can imagine, some good and some not so much. Tebow ‘parted the red zone’ , my quarterback runneth over…. your whole team, they are endless. Without question alot of people have alot to say about this topic. Though I just wrote a post about the Tebow trade it is, after all, a very popular topic for conversation. If you have something to say about the Jets addition of Tim Tebow, this is your chance to get it ALL out of your system. There are 2 sides to every coin – and I’d like to hear opinions on both why people think this move was a mistake as well as how fans think he might be able to help the team. Very quick I am going to touch on a few things about Tebow, in regards to his beliefs, that I personally feel will be beneficial. 1. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you – translation: I don’t think Tebow will ever do anything to undermine Mark Sanchez, or the team, in order to fulfill his own desire to start. I think he will make a true effort, and thereby set an example, to go out of his way to be respectful and encouraging to his team mates. 2. Respect thy elders – I don’t think he will ever give the coach’s a problem and will do whatever is asked of him regardless of his role. I wont go so far as to say our savior has arrived , but the guy is of the highest character and that goes without question , and being a good influence on those around you is never a bad thing. Accept or reject, embrace or oppose, love or downright hate it – the fact is that Tebowmania has arrived in New York – now is YOUR TIME: LET US KNOW HOW YOU FEEL – COMMENT ON THIS BLOG NOW! Thank You.

Rickie Merrick

Halo Mary & the Pray Action Pass was last modified: March 31st, 2012 by Rickie New York

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