Here’s my take on our Jets acquiring Tebow. I think it could and should be an awesome move! I believe he will bring a very positive, uplifting force to the team. He’s a very rare type of player like I’ve never seen. He is extremely positive and strong willed, and the entire team will feed off of that, just like the Broncos did. Hey, I’m not a religious man, but it works wonders for Tebow, and his teammates feed off his positive vibe big time, so more power to him.

I think that he will be great for Sanchez too. He and Mark are good friends. Sure, it will be a competitive situation, and of course Tebow wants to start. However, because of his strong character, and his true desire to help his team win in any way he can, he will actually help Sanchez elevate his game, not bring him down as many believe. I think this will be a fantastic combination.

Ya know, i wish more professional athletes these days were like Tebow. By that I mean a truly positive attitude, a true desire to help his team in any way he can, and to truly appreciate the privilege of being a professional athlete. I know that many athletes have been inspired by Tebow, and if he continues to have success with the Jets, then I believe his influence on the sports world will be like no other athlete in history. We shall see.

And now you know –
Mangold’s Brother

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