IT’S OUR TIME!!! Man, another spectacular week for NYJFCTB. Another hard fought victory against a desperate Titans team (one of the best 0-3 teams you’ll ever see, but anyway). Our defense did finally allow a touchdown this season, then a second, but we did enough in all 3 phases of the game to get ‘er done.

Tell ya what though, we’re gonna have to play a little better this coming Sunday. If the Pats game was “our Super Bowl”, then this will be our second Super Bowl in 3 weeks for sure. In a 2009 regular season schedule full of tough tests, this could be our toughest. The Saints definitely got it goin’ on, with 3 impressive blowout wins. They ain’t the “Aints” no more. If the Jets don’t keep ’em in check from the get go, it could get ugly real quick. In that dome, that place will be a nightmare of ferociously loud Saints fans if we don’t get off to a strong start, and stay that way. So get ready Jets fans for our “Super Bowl in the Super Dome”!

Gotta say a big thank you to all the weekly participants of the raffle contest. You guys have made this a big and fun event every week for the fan club, so thanks again and keep it goin’ strong! Conrgrats to all the winners yesterday.

REMINDER: The game against the Saints is at 4pm, so don’t be showing up at 1pm, unless you wanna watch the early games at P’s, which is fine of course.

Pictures: To all of you who take pics at the club with your cameras/cellphones, please email them to so we can put them up on this site. Thank you.

Remember to wear Jets clothing to the club. Thanks.

And one more time, SHOUT –


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