Another “Miracle at the Meadowlands”! With 2 minutes left and Buffalo with the ball, it looked like the Jets were headed for their third straight disastrous loss. But then, in the words of ESPN’s great Chris Berman – “It’s A FUM-BLE!”, and Shaun Ellis scoops it up and runs it home to save the day. Thank God, what a HUGE victory.

Now, while we’re all very thankful for this victory, it’s obvious the Jets basically sucked again for the third straight week to a team they should have defeated handily. I don’t know what to say about this. What I do know is that there are 2 big time important games left, and I’m not feeling confident about the Jets winning either one. We have to go back to the west coast, where we are 0-3 this year, to play Seattle. Seattle sucks, but the Jets are only sucking a little less right now, and Seattle almost beat The Pats in Seattle last week. To be blunt about it, we need to win this damn game, period. Then, we have to come back home and play Miami for the final game, which we’ll discuss next week. First thing’s first, BEAT SEATTLE.

Way Cool: a pic of our fan club is on the front cover of today’s official game program sold at the stadium!!! Hard to freakin’ believe, but it’s true! Hopefully we’ll get some copies this week.

Okay guys, I hate to have to mention this again, but it’s important that we make it out to P’s on gameday. We had a fairly light crowd today. It wasn’t dismall, but it wasn’t good enough either. I know the Jets sucked the previous 2 weeks, but it’s important that we have a strong attendance every week in order to ensure our hold on the Palms club. This is important stuff. GOT IT? Good.

Oh yeah, and for the tenth time – WEAR YOUR JETS GEAR to the fan club. Next year we’re probably going to make this a rule, and enforce it (this, of course, will be up to President Festa to decide). Again, we luv ya, but there’s no excuse.

Congrats to this week’s raffle contest winners. Festa’s dad won the cash, Amy won a Brett doll (although it didn’t really look like him, but anyway), and a young brother won a Jets mug.

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