The fan club was in pretty good spirits before game time and we had a really good showing even though the game was being televised nationally. In all, about 20 people associated with the club were at Peabody’s enjoying the games.

Sure.. we didn’t beat the Pats on Sunday. But hey, we are talking about the Patriots afterall. What we did do is show that we can stand toe-to-toe with one of the elite teams in the NFL. We also learned that when his back is up against the wall and his team is down late in the game, Chad Pennington still has the heart and the ability to bring the Jets back and make a game of it scoring 17 unanswered points and throwing for another 300 yards. Considering all the changes and challenges this team has been through in the last 12 months, overall I’d say the team is doing better than I expected! You?

Unfortunaltely, we’ve also come to the conclusion that the Jets are sorely missing the great Curtis Martin in the backfield. Hell… we’re sorely missing Lamont Jordan in the backfield. Last Sunday’s game against the Pats yeilded only 51 rushing yards and just 2.1 yards per-carry average and failed to produce a rushing first down for just the third time since 2003. Folks, we gotta do something about the running game.

We’ve also got to put together a pass rush, don’t ya think? I mean come on…. Brady was doin an Irish jig after he’d drop back and it was like no one was rushing the QB. I’m not asking for 10 sacks a game but jeez.. a little pressure would be nice guys. Aside from a single sack by Rhodes, the D hit Brady only once. That’s not gonna cut it for the next 14 games.

On the bright side, enough can not be said of the football played by Jerricho Cotchery and Laveranues Coles on Sunday. Cotchery’s big play, where he got hit by two Pats defenders and somehow kept his knee and elbow off the ground then turned and ran for a touchdown, was a turning point in the game for the Jets. Coles too had an amazing touchdown run after a catch that sent every Jet fan at P’s jumping for joy. We really saw a chance to win this game after those plays. And how about Jonathan Vilma blocking a field goal attempt by the Pats to give the Jets a final chance to score with just a minute left and no time outs. Of course there was just not enought time and just too much of a lead to overcome as the Jets fell to 1-1 with a 24-17 loss. A loss I can live with.

Now… on to Buffalo! Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming game at Buffalo by visiting the Message Board.


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