Why not? Two years ago, no one gave the Giants a chance in the playoffs, and they won it all. Last year, no one gave the Cardinals a chance, and they almost won it all.

So with the Jets spanking the Bungals again to win the wild card, why not us? IT COULD HAPPEN, FOLKS. With the #1 defense, and #1 rushing offense, we damn sure can – BUHLEE DAT!!!

So we head out west to take on the mighty Chargers. No problem, know why? Cuz IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had another wild party Saturday night, and another record crowd of over 200 fans! This coming Sunday, let’s smash that record with a standing room only crowd!

Congrats to the raffle winners, and thanks to all the participants for their support.

We’ll see yall Sunday for the 4:30pm showdown, as we take our next step towards DESTINY!

Could It Be… was last modified: March 31st, 2012 by Mangolds Brother

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