In a must win game, the Jets won. Ugly or not, a win is a win. Enough listening to “experts” and their surgical dissection of the Jets and their downright hatred for a team that carries themselves with a certain amount of “arrogance/cockiness” which if it were any other team would be called “swagger.” Sure they talk; sure they haven’t looked like the super bowl team their head coach has pegged them as, but going into week 7 at 3-3 the Jets are one, yes one, game out of holding a wild card spot in the AFC so let’s lay off the week 6 panic button and look at the positives (there are positives).

Did anyone see the work Wayne Hunter did on Cameron Wake last week? He absolutely dominated him the majority of that game, helping put at ease the many concerns regarding the OL. Jamaal Westerman has filled in incredibly well for injured Bryan Thomas. His athleticism brings a much better pass rush threat than Thomas did; something our defense has been missing for years. Since re-signing Aaron Maybin to the roster, three games now, he has two sacks and three forced fumbles, yes Jets fans, that’s more production than Vernon Gholston had in his entire career. Kendrick Ellis is getting better by the down.

In a year where altered rules were supposed to prevent kickoff returns Joe McKnight is averaging 44 yards per return. His elusiveness on returns has gained enough respect and trust with the coaching staff to earn him some offensive snaps (god knows they could use all the help they can get); he caught two passes last week for 25 yards. Speaking of the offense, has anyone even noticed Sanchez has been responsible for 4 TDs and no turnovers the last two games? The defense will keep them in every game they play if he doesn’t turn the ball over, regardless of how many poor third down passes he makes causing fans to cheer for his deportation.

Looking forward…

We can only hope that the SuperChokers will be as ignorant as the Dolphags and attack a sub par run defense by throwing repeatedly at Revis Island, but don’t count on that. Since my existence I don’t think San Diego has won a game of any significant meaning, thanks mostly to, and at no surprise, another Shottenheimer formerly roaming the sideline. I don’t expect much to change on Sunday, as a win for the Chargers would solidify them as a legitimate contender, so look for them to do what they do best and choke.

The offense has to get going early as a lead will detour them from their thus far solid run game (which has elite potential verse the Jets) and put pressure on the frail shoulders of Philip Rivers. Revis will shut down V-Jax (if he plays) and Rivers will make at least one major mistake which must be taken advantage of with a TD, not another damn field goal. My only concern is finding a way to stop Antonio Gates (should he also play). When bored with Gates you have to think Rivers is going to attack Cromartie who will most likely be matched up against Malcolm Floyd (another deep threat), so he needs to step up and not commit any penalties, and/or get help over the top.

I expect LT to execute at least one perfect form finger roll pose in the Endzone, as he did so many times in SD, and Cromartie to miss, in perfect form, at least one tackle as he did so many times in SD as well (I’ll never forget him letting Greene trot into the endzone to wrap up a playoff victory in ’09, a true Jet at heart from the start).

Control the clock, don’t turn it over, and let your defense and special teams work their magic. In other words do what you have mostly failed to do this year and, “play like a Jet.”

In the words of the great Ron Burgandy, “Go F*** yourself San Diego.”
Sunday 1 pm. CAN’T WAIT!

Stay classy Jets fans.

Prediction: Jets 23 Chokers 17

By: Chris Ruck “Ruckus”

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