Once again, a nice big showing of Jets fans Sunday at Peabody’s. Unfortunately, because it was a late Sunday game, quite a few folks had to leave at halftime to get home to families, get ready for school and work on Monday, the Rays/Red Sox game, etc.. Next week another 1:00pm game, and that’s how we like it.

Thanks to our Jets Royalty fan club member, Mr. Earl Christy for joining us. Many of you met Earl for the first time today, and got his autograph and picture taken with him. We’ll post the pictures on the website shortly.

I gotta tell ya, this was the first truly “disappointing” loss for the Jets this season (as if every loss isn’t). For our team that we believe is on the rise, and is certainly better than the Raiders, this was an inexcusable loss. This is the type of loss that could come back to haunt us if it ends up costing us a playoffs spot. Hopefully that’s not the case. We’re still in the division race, with a long way to go, although we’re 2 games behind Buffalo at the moment. We had better win next week at home against the lowly Chiefs, or things will get ugly real quick.

Christy, Namath and many other members of the ’68 Jets will be honored during halftime of next Sunday’s game vs. the Chiefs to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Super Bowl III championship. So be sure to join us Sunday so we can all celebrate together as New York rolls out the red carpet for our man Earl Christy and the boys!

And again, WEAR AT LEAST A JETS SHIRT TO THE CLUB. Most of us do, but some still don’t. If you’re a Jets fan, and you’re coming to a Jets fan club, then this should be a no brainer. Enough with the plain clothes appearances, or worse, wearing other teams gear. We love ya, but come on get with it. Thanks.

A big congrats to the Rays for toppling the hated Red Sox to win the AL Pennant. It’s just an amazing story so far, and if the Rays win it all, it will go down as truly one of the most incredible stories in sports history. GO RAYS!

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