Hey Jets Fans,

Just two more days to go until the Jets take on the Steelers for the second time this season. Has this felt like the longest week ever or what?

It’s business as usual at Peabody’s for the games on Sunday. Drink specials, food specials, etc. The raffle is also going to be huge as we try to get to a take home pot of $400.

If anyone would like to donate something that we can give away in the raffle please let me know. It can either be Jets stuff or some other product or service that you have like the limo guys did last week.

Anyway, I’ve heard from a lot of you over the week and I know you’re just as excited and anxious for this game to start as I am. Some are more nervous about this game than when we played New England. Maybe it’s because we hate the Patriots more than the Steelers. Maybe it’s because we know the Pats better. Maybe it’s because it felt more personal after the shlubbing they gave us 6 or so weeks ago. Not me!

Let’s remember something here people… we’ve already beat Pittsburgh this year. We already know that we can do it. If you’re looking for motivation for these Jets, look no further than the heartbreaking 2005 Jets / Steelers playoff game where kicker Doug Brien became the first person in NFL postseason history to miss two field-goal attempts in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. That was excruciating. This year will be different!

Need more motivation…, how about making it to the AFC Championship game last year only to lose to the Colts, missing our shot at the Bowl.

Last years team got to the AFC Championship game with a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach. They got to that game without the help of LT, Santonio Homes, Antonio Cromartie, or Jason Taylor. Guys like LT and Taylor have had great careers without a Super Bowl win and they are hungry… they are going to inspire the younger guys in the locker room and they are going to play like there is no tomorrow… in other words the are going to “PLAY LIKE A JET!”

Well people, as I’ve said before they are not the same old Jets… they are Different New Jets. They are more experienced. They are more confident. They are more sure of themselves and they seem to thrive being the underdog that no one gives a shot to win.

But you know what… we’re on our way to one of the most incredible streaks against some of the best QB’s to play the game. We are going to win this game and we are going to the Super Bowl. Remember what Earl says because he’s dead on… “IT’S OUR TIME!!!” YES IT IS!!! JETS WIN!!!

Say it with me folks…


Introducing the AFC Champion New York Jets!

Sounds good doesn’t it?


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