Join our 2016 NFL Survivor Pool Today.

2013 NFL Survivor PoolHey Jets Fans, welcome to the fifth annual New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay “Survivor Pool”.  

Like previous years, this years pool will be run through an online system to make it really simple for everyone.

The best part about a Survivor Pool is that you don’t really have to know too much about football stats or players to get involved, have some fun and maybe win a few bucks too. 

If you’re familiar with the rules from the past then just click the button below to make your payment via PayPal as the rules remain unchanged from previous years.  

Login instruction will be displayed AFTER you complete your payment with PayPal. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you participated in the survivor pool last year, DO NOT JOIN AGAIN.
Simply login to your account from last year.  If you forgot your username or password you’ll be able to request an email to get that info.

Rookies, please read on…

Here’s how it works:

  • You pay a $30 (one-time-fee per team) to join the pool. You can create and pay for multiple teams/entries if you like.
  • Each week you pick one team to win their game (no point spreads are in use – although the spreads may help you figure out who to pick).
  • If your team loses, you are eliminated from the pool.
  • If you get eliminated from the pool during the first six weeks of the season, you will be allowed to buy your way back into the pool up to three times over the first 6 weeks (and only if you do it the next consecutive week) for an additional fee of $20, $15, & $10.
  • Once you select a team, you may not pick that same team again for the rest of the season so be smart about who you pick and when.
  • A tie (as unlikely as that might be) will be considered a win.
  • If you forget to enter your pick for the week, you will automatically be assigned the smallest available favorite.
  • You must get your pick in by the weekly deadline – before the first game each week (usually Sunday but could be Thursday).
  • Early games must be picked before they start.
  • All picks will be hidden until the first game has begun (for early games) or the until the first game on Sunday.
  • The last person standing wins all the dough!
    • (minus PayPal fees and fee charged to use online pool software)!

Use the button below to pay for your entry into the pool.

Login instruction will be displayed after you complete your payment with PayPal.

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