The New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay Hall of Fame

The following members of the New Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay have been inducted into our Hall of Fame by me (Steve “Festa” Scott) because they have had a significant impact on me or on the growth of the fan club. They deserve to be recognized for their contributions to making our group what it is today.

2011 Inagural Hall of Fame Inductees

Date Inducted Inductee History
9/11/2011 Earl Christy – #45
New York Jets Super Bowl III World Champion and overall good guy! Earl is a regular face at the fan club and is always there for the fans willing to take a picture, give an autograph or let someone try on that Super Bowl ring!
9/11/2011 Jonathan Oglio (on right) Jon is one of the three Founding Members and a dear friend of almost 30 years!
Irv Cruz (on left)
Irv is one of the three Founding Members and the first friend Jon & I made shortly after arriving in Tampa.
Tony “Maverick” Medina
Tony is the Fan Club’s Vice President and a true Unsung Hero who helps me pull off the big events and come up with great ideas to enrich the club. Thanks for all you do Maverick!
Justin Scott
Justin is the youngest Founding Club Member (originally just 2.5 years old) and my amazing son. He is the leader of the Junior Jets Fans of Tampa Bay and loves to be a part of the raffle drawings.
Dan Scott
Quite simply, Dan is my dad. Without him there’s no me. No me, no fan club. Dan and his wife Maggie are one of the primary reasons my family and I moved to Tampa and we have never looked back!
Ron Gardner (on left)
Ron is one of the original 17 club members from the Lee Roy Selmon day’s whose name I wrote down on a piece of bar receipt paper the day I decided to start the Fan Club.
George Novitsky (on right)
George is one of the original 17 club members from the Lee Roy Selmon day’s whose name I wrote down on a piece of bar receipt paper the day I decided to start the Fan Club.
John “Petrozza” Scarpula
John is another of the original 17 club members from the Lee Roy Selmon day’s whose name I wrote down on a piece of bar receipt paper the day I decided to start the Fan Club. John and I also play pool together for the Peabody’s team.
Jim “Mangold” Stubblefield
Mangold got his nickname because he used to look just like the Jets center. He’s been a club member since we first moved to Peabody’s and was one of the very first people to ever offer to help in any way he could inlcuding filming videos and writing for the blog. SInce the move into the Palms, Jim has been our goto guy for running the raffle, a thankless job that causes him to miss parts of the game doing it. A very big THANK YOU to Jim for his ongoing loyalty, help and support!
Mike “Mikey-Mike” Levine
Mike is another of the original 17 club members from the Lee Roy Selmon day’s whose name I wrote down on a piece of bar receipt paper the day I decided to start the Fan Club. Although Mikey-Mike can’t always be at P’s with us, he always has a smile on his face wheh he does. He’s also a Jersey Boy who lived very close to where I did in NJ before we both moved and met up down here rooting for the Jets.
10/02/2011 The Ruck Table

Rich, John, Todd, Chris
The Ruck boys (I include Todd in there even though he’s not actually a Ruck) have been coming out to the fan club religiously since our first days at Peabody’s. They have since become permanent fixtures of the fan club and helped to usher in the era of the Gnome and the phrase “Happy Jets Day”! It’s widely known that the party can’t really start until the Ruck Boys have arrived!
Jessica Duemig
Jessica has been a fan club regular since our earliest days at Peabody’s and was one of our very first female members. Early on, Jess helped us spread the word about her beloved Jets throughout Tampa and is responsible for introducing club V.P. Tony “Maverick” Medina to the fan club. School took her away from us for a while but Jess’ smiling face has always been a welcomed addition to game day.
“Dr. Lou”
It’s an honor to induct Dr. Lou into the Fan Club’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Lou is pure heart and it’s made of gold! He’s been a member since our first days at Peabody’s and is one of the most loved and most generous club member you’ll meet. My son Justin and he are “Boys” and have a few secrets up their sleeves. Though the Dr. would prefer to attend every game with us at P’s, when he’s not around, he’s usually somewhere in the country climbing a 1,000+ foot tower to replace the light bulb on top! Boy does he have a pair.
10/23/2011 Steve “Fleck” Fleckenstien
Every year, Fleck makes a pilgramige to hang out with his good friend Jack Corbo at the Fan Club. Fleck’s induction into our hall of fame is because without him, we never would have gotten Woody Johnson to attend our Tailgate Party in Tampa back in 2009. Fleck spotted Woody in the parking lot at the Meadowlands, told Woody about us and put us in touch with his people! Thanks for looking out for us Fleck! You Rock!
“The Inno Boys”
John & Dave Innocenti
The Inno boys have been coming out to the Fan Club since our early days at Peabody’s. Always warm and friendly, you can count on them to have a smile on their faces ready to cheer our Jets on! They are the first Father / Son team (outside my son and my dad) to be inducted into our Hall of Fame.
Amy “Amy-Z” Zielenbach
Amy Z has been a long time member of the fan club and one of our first few regular female club members. Until her move back to Jersey, you could always find Amy at the bar rooting for her favorite team. On her recent visit to Tampa, Amy couldn’t stay away from her Jets family. We miss you Amy and hope to see you again real soon!
11/06/2011 Hall of Fame Member RossAlexis & Ross Schneider Ross and his daughter Alexis have been coming to Peabody’s for some time.  But let’s be honest, it’s Alexis who is the real fan. Ross is so dedicated to the Jets and his daughter that for a while he would drive up from Miami to bring Alexis to the Fan Club. That’s dedication and true love.  Alexis and Ross are the first Father/Daughter team to be elected to the Hall of Fame.
11/06/2011 Reyes and Manny Rodriguez
Reyes and Manny Rodriguez
For this father son duo it was love at first sight when it came to the fan club. Reyes used to watch Jets games at another bar but brought Emanuel in one afternoon because he heard about the Fan Club. That day he told me he was never going back to the other place. Manny also has always been a great kid who plays with the younger boys at the club like they were his little brothers.  We’re happy to welcome this Father / Son team into the Fan Club.

In Memorium – 9/11 Hall of Fame Members

The group of people below are the friends and family of club members who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001. They will never be forgotten and we honor them by inducting them to our New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay Hall of Fame.

In Memorium Inductee Remembered As Remembered By
Terry McShane (FDNY) Terry was a co-worker in the NYPD (43 Pct. Bx,NY) before transferring to the FDNY. While I knew several other MOS that died that day I knew & worked with Terry on a daily basis for years. I was @ Ground Zero when the 2nd tower fell & I will never forget the acts of bravery performed by not only the emergency service personnel but by ordinary citizens. God bless those that perished, survived & most of all, AMERICA !  Never Forget. Larry Sullivan
John “JACK” Connolly Jack was the brother of a Fireman that worked at The World Trade Center. He was a former resident of Staten Island New York. May he Rest In Peace. Martin Holder
Richie Pearlman Richie was my cousin’s son. Ken Fishman
Scott McGovern Scott worked for EuroTraders. Cousin by marriage.  I actually never got to meet him as I have been in FL for 30 years and now I never will have the opportunity. Andrea Schleicher
Johnny Cooper Jonny didn’t work there but just happened to be at a meeting in Tower 2 Pete Murphy
Billy Lake Billy was a fireman from Staten Island Rescue Company
Peter Vega Peter was my cousins husband. A fireman from Brooklyn Ladder 205 Engine 118
Firefighter Kevin Reilley Kevin was a long time neighbor and family friend Peter Girard


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