Okay Jets fans, I know it’s been a tough year for our boys in Green (and for the fans like you and me) but that doesn’t mean we can’t end it with a little bit of fun.

Before last week’s game, I’d really felt like I had just about as much shitty Jets football as I could take.  I even thought about just blowing off the club for the week. 

I started to think you guys felt the same way as the number of fans that have been showing up has been getting smaller and smaller week after week, I was almost at the point of “why bother”.

I arrived about 45 minutes later than I usually do at about 12:15 pm to find Tony, Murph and myself the only ones in the bar. DAMN!

It used to be at 12:15 you could barely find a seat… now there was barely any seats taken.  To top it off, Peabody’s management comes over to me at about 12:45 to tell me that the satellites are down and the games will probably not be on until about 1:30 p.m.  REALLY?   You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

But then something interesting happened… people started showing up. 

And not just a few people and not just any people but the people that are always there.  The TRUE fans.. The Die-Hards.  I’d almost forgotten how many of you there are.

And they showed up even though the Jets were out of it… no shot at the playoffs… no real reason to even bother watching the game… our fans, our extended Jets family came out anyway.

       You guys ROCK!

Thankfully the satellites also came back around 1:15.

I’d say we had about 50 people show up in all.  50 Jets fans who watched in disbelief as the Jets manage to blow another game.  But because we were all together (and because we’ve grown to expect anything as Jets fans) it wasn’t so bad.

And ya know what, it made me remember why I started this silly little fan club 8 years ago in the first place… I started it for the fans, for all of us, so that we would have someplace to hang out and get excited when we win, be miserable when we lose and to commiserate with each other when we suck like we did this year.
And no matter what happens with our team, we’d be together to cheer on (or bitch about) our New York Jets.

So even though it’s the last game of the season and even though there is absolutely nothing on the line, I’m looking forward to Sundays game. 

Why, you ask?

Not because I get to watch the Jets play but because I get one last chance to hang out with my Jets family before the season ends.

For most of us, Sunday’s game will be the last time we get to see each other until next September.  The last game of the year is always a bittersweet moment when we say our goodbyes and the “see you next year’s”.

So why not surprise me and come out on Sunday to watch the Jets win (or lose) the last game of the season.

I’ll be giving away everything I’ve got left in the raffle plus a few things donated by others… we’ll do our final 50/50 and we’ll end the season like we started…
with a little bit of fun.

Hope to see you all Sunday.

Last Jets Game & Last Chance to Hang with Your Jets Family. was last modified: December 29th, 2012 by Festa

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My given name may be Steve but my friends have been calling me Festa for the last 30 years. While I really miss going to all the JETS home games and tailgating with a large group of friends, it’s really great being here in Tampa around other JETS fans while we root for our team. When I founded the fan club in October of 2004 I never imagined it would become as massive as it now has with over 600 members from around the world and sister Fan Club Chapters in 4 other Florida cities and growing.

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