Hey Jets Fans,

Well…, last weeks win over the New England Patriots was about as sweet as it gets.  Not only did we beat our division rivals at home, but once again the “F*ckers from Foxboro” got caught cheating  (and then whined and cried about it… whaaaaaaaaaaa!!) further solidifying their reputation as a pack of damn cheaters.  This time though, we won in spite of their cheating ways and the win puts our Jets 1 game back of the Cheatriots.

Gino continues to improve on his game and the Defense once again looked rock solid. So glad to have a dominate defense again.  However, we have been see-sawing back and forth from Wins to Losses all season and now is the time to put a pair of back-to-back wins together.

New York Jets vs Cincinnati BengalsIt certainly wont be easy as we are heading into Bengal Territory this Sunday and Cincy (5-2) has looked pretty good the past two years making the playoffs on the arm of their 3rd year (I think it’s his 3rd year) QB Andy Dalton.  Lord I hope Chris Collinsworth isn’t announcing this game as he’s a big enough douche when calling any Jets games… I can’t even imagine what a tool he’d be calling a Jets / Bengals game… but I digress.

Let’s talk about Gi, Gi, Gi, Gino and the Jets baby!  Sure he’s a rookie and sure he’s made a few mistakes but this rookie has got four come-from-behind wins in his first 7 games making him the first rookie since the Jets last won a super bowl to do that.

When the kid is in the zone he’s a monster.  He’s certainly making better decisions since the early part of the season and he doesn’t appear to be phased by his in-game mistakes.  He just seems to come back with more attitude and determination. Ya gotta love that!  And lets face it… he’s just fun to watch isn’t he?  A whole lot more fun than Mr. Sanchez ever was, that’s for sure.

So, why don’t you make it a point to get off your couch this weekend and come watch Gino and the Jets at Peabody’s this Sunday.  The crowds have been GREAT and the come from behind wins make the atmosphere at Peabody’s simply amazing with all the high 5’s, fist bumps and bear hugs at the end of these wins.  You just wont get that watching the wins from your couch.

Since we are the late game it would be wise to arrive at Peabody’s as early as possible to be sure you get a seat.  I’ve also got a new set of great prizes to give out at the 50/50 raffle.

If you have not yet made it out to a game at Peabody’s m then what are you waiting for?  To paraphrase Dorothy “There’s no place like our Jets home!”

So, why are you even thinking about it… just come spend Sunday with your Jets family.

See you at P’s.


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