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I just received a note from Tailgate Joe regarding his killer Tailgate party at the Jacksonville game this Sunday.  Guys, I urge you to jump on this ASAP!!!  Do not wait to grab your tickets last minute or to pay for them on game day as Tailgate Joe needs a headcount BEFORE he leaves New York so he has enough food and drink for everyone. Tickets for the Jets / Jags Tailgate Party are on sale now through an online ticketing system so everyone can pay online and print your own tickets.

Tailgate Joe

Here’s the note I got from Joe.

“Important info for those thinking of going!

As most of you know, the Jets are barely but still in the playoff hunt with a very easy schedule remaining. I am heading to Jacksonville Thursday AM driving my tailgate rig down for the game to show support for the team and provide our great Jets fan game day experience in Jacksonville for those Jets fans traveling and those who live down south and don’t get to make it up north for home games.

 As it is VERY expensive to haul my loaded up 16 foot trailer, at less than 7 mpg, I am pairing down some stuff in the trailer and will not have the normal over abundance of food/beer that we normally have. Of course I will have more than enough for those who join us, I just won’t have much extra for the normal walk-ups which usually constitute 60%+ of my attendees. This means that unless you sign up by the time I leave Thursday morning, the chances are very likely that you will NOT be able to join us as a walk-up. I have to ensure I have enough for all those who want to attend. We have 45 people currently signed up. I know that the Florida area Jets fan clubs have a bus of about 90 people booked so far who will be parking with us and we are their official tailgate party. Of that 90, I think the mast majority have NOT registered with us for the party. That is why I am STRONGLY SUGGESTING you sign up beforehand.

We have had to turn away walk-ups at 3 games this year, and we always end up having to turn away at least a few people at all the away games. It is not something I want to do. Please understand, my only reason for pushing people to sign up now is so that everyone who wants to join us can and I don’t get put in the position of saying no to anyone.

A note on our parking:

We will be parking at the http://tailgatejoe.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=09dfbaa339cf92d9a21be1d1d&id=4a74a3403f&e=1b3c7742f5 parking lot next to the stadium. We are in the First Down RV lot, spots 34-35. Look for the white dodge ram with black/green trailer. You can contact Rachel Bratcher at rachel@tailgatersparking.com about parking for your car nearby. It is a great facility with their own bathrooms.

If anyone has any questions please let me know.”

OK Jets Fans, now you know the deal.  The time to buy your Tailgate tickets is NOW!

Read all the details on what is being served at the Tailgate Party here.

 —> Click Here to purchase your Tailgate Tickets <—

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