One of the most exciting parts about my move to New York 6 months ago was that I would be able to watch my be loved Jets…in-person…with the greatest fans in the world. Game 1 – Buffalo. Awesome. Most points ever scored by one team on opening day. Flash forward a month…and a multi-game slide. 10/14 – Colts. Again, awesome game. Even better since my dad came up to see it live. In what seems to have become a pattern, there was another multi-game slide before a decent, hope-re-enforcing win against the Rams.  How exciting, going into Thanksgiving!” I thought. “Wow, we might actually have a shot beating the Pats now that Gronk is out!” I prayed. “I can’t believe I got such great seats!” I shrieked. The anticipation built on Thanksgiving Day. Just a short train ride to the stadium and it was GO Time. And then…it wasn’t. 

With that, and all of the current goings-on in Gang Green Nation, a letter…

Dear Fireman Ed, 

Thank you for taking a stand. While I am sad that any portion of Jets Nation has gotten under your skin, I’m very glad that you have decided to make your ‘retirement’ official, publicly. I hope that the comments you may or may not have seen online do not strike a nerve. You know how New Yorkers can be. Though I don’t share the same platform with you, I can assure you that this year has made me question my fan-hood. It saddens me that Jets fans have accepted the mediocrity that this year has bestowed upon us. 

The team is deflated, unmotivated, divided and pathetic. And even worse, it seems as though the powers that be have no answer for it. Rex (REX!) has no words. Mike T. – who wanted the spotlight so much just a short while ago while filming CSI:NY or Hard Knocks – is nowhere to be found. And Woody. Ha! He’s too busy at the NY Yacht Club to pay attention to the dwindling crowds, angering fans, lack of O-line, butter-fingered receivers, and QB that takes more of a beating than David Carr did during his time at Houston.

With the Tebow-faithful doing and saying things that are as far from being deemed “WWTD?” (What Would Timmy Do?) as Tebow himself is from getting back on the field, the true ignorance of band wagoners (for and against) is becoming more and more evident. Trust me, I work with a bunch of them. 

As much as I will miss your rallying, I commend you for removing yourself from questionable circumstances. And I only hope that you will find your faith again. And when you do, please let me know where you found it. 

 Jetfully yours,


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Jess Duemig has been a Jets fan since birth. Her first words were “Touch Down.” She bleeds green and white, dreams of #6 & #15 and relishes in the guarantee that made a panty-hose-wearing man into a God. Jess contributes to this blog from the Big Apple, where the Gang Green is an epidemic. She operates under one anthem: J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Follow Jess on Twitter @JessicaRose19

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