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New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay

Hey Jets Fans,

What a great week this has been basking in the beatdown of the hated Patriots and hearing all the sports talk shows talking nice about our Jets! Go D!!!

Peabody's was nuts with about 130 of us gathered for the home opener even with the game on TV here in Tampa. That's gotta tell you something about watching the games at Peabody's. It's more than just a bunch of people watching a football game... it's an experience that's only matched by actually being at the game.

Got a few things to discuss with you all so please read on.

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Jets vs Titans - Week 3 at Peabody's

The Jets are looking to make it a 3 and 0 start against the Titans on Sunday. If our defense continues to play as strong as they have and the O-Line continues to protect "San-chise", I can easily see that happening. Go Jets!

If you're planning on coming out to P's to watch the game I suggest you get their early to claim your spot. It's getting pretty crazy in there. Management has told me they were planning to purchase some more chairs for our use but you're better off being an early bird and getting the worm.

Remember, we always have food and drink specials for the club and be sure to ask your server for some "Jet Fuel". A special green libation made just for us. $2 shots and $5 drinks.

See you at P's on Sunday.

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Jets/Bucs Tickets to be sent out this week!

Sorry for the delay in getting the tickets out to everyone who purchased seats before the season started.

For those of you who ordered tickets through me for the Jets / Bucs game, I'll be sending them out this coming week. I'd originally planned to do it this past week but my hectic work schedule made it impossible.

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Still need tickets to Jets / Bucs game?

A lot of members (both new and old) have been asking if I have any tickets still available for sale. Unfortunately the answer is no.

However, I do have a contact over at the Bucs ticket sales and I'm including her info below. Give her a call and see if there is still availability.

Alternatively you can search online at places like StubHub or other ticket brokers for tickets near us. The seats our club members will be sitting in are split between sections 333 and 338 as follows..

  • Section 338, Row Z, Seats 3 - 17
  • Section 333, Row W, Seats 6 - 18
  • Section 333, Row Y, Seats 1 - 2
  • Section 333, Row AA, Seats 1 - 16

Notes: Most sections have 27 rows, which are lettered A-DD. A - Z make up the first 23 rows. A is the first row & closest to the field, DD is the 27th and last row. Rows I, O, and Q do not exist. Looking up from the field, seats are numbered from the right to left. Most rows have 24 seats.

Here's my Bucs contacts info.

Rachel Bartlett
Sales Representative
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
One Buccaneer Place
Tampa FL 33607
(813) 870-2700 (ext. 2520)
(813) 554-1320 (fax)

Rachel will most likely ask you to fill out a form (located at Group Order Form.pdf) and fax it back to her as she can’t take any payment info over the phone.

Be sure to mention on the form that you want the seats to be with the New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay. She was holding seats but had to release them. She can still fill orders as long as they have seats open. The sooner you get your order in the better. Just write in how many you want…they are $75 a piece.

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Thank You to our sponsors

I wanted to say a big thank you to all the businesses who have sponsored the fan club. Please be sure to visit them and show your membership card to receive your member discounts. Each location has their own rules and restrictions when it comes to discounts so be sure to know what they are up front.

Even if you are not a Member Discount Card holder, be sure to visit our sponsors as most are owend or managed by Jets Fans.

Here's our most up-to-date list of sponsors:

  • Family Auto Service Center - (727) 943-9939
    • 10% off any service performed, 5% of any tire purchase

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Become a Fan Club Sponsor Today

If you own a business (or know someone who does) and you would like to become a sponsor for our fan club membership cards, please fill out the form at

As a sponsor, you'll agree to offer all paid, card carrying members of the New York Jets Fan Club of Tampa Bay (who present a current club membership card) some form of discount, buy one-get one, freebie, etc.

In return, the Fan Club will promote your business at our gatherings at Peabody's, through our mailing list, blog, Facebook group page and on our website. If you have a video, we will also be happy to post it on our YouTube channel.

In addition, we will list your business on our website along with all other sponsors including your company name, address, phone number, email address, website address and the discount you've offered. You will also be given a page on our website dedicated to your business to help send customers/leads your way through the search engines.

Email me at or call me at 813-235-6855 if you have any questions.

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Club Member Discount Cards are in. order yours today.

Anyone who has purchased a Fan Club Members Discount Card can pick it up from me on Sunday at P's.

Showing your membership card at businesses owned by Club Sponsors (including 10% off at Peabody's) will get you discounts, freebies, buy one - get ones and more. Each establishment will have it's own discounts and can be found here.

General membership to the fan club has been and always will be completely free. The member discount cards are just a way for us to help raise money for the club so we can continue to do fun stuff every week throughout the year.

Here's a sample of what this Credit Card sized membership card will look like.

Cards are $25 dollars each. If you all you do is come to Peabody's 4 or 5 times in the year it should pay for itself very quickly.

Put your nickname on your card


NOTE: after clicking the Buy Now button you will see a PayPal screen that states:
"PayPal securely processes payments for"
This email address is only for member discount cards and should not be used for anything else.

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Fan Club hits 300 registered members

Thanks to a Facebook ad I've been running to reach out to Jets Fans in the area and let them know we are here, the club has added 54 new members since September 7th. That means we've officially crossed the 300 registered members mark. WOO HOO!!

Many thanks to all the folks that come to P's week-in and week-out (you know who you are) that help make the Fan Club special for everyone.

Remember to spread the word and be sure to send friends and family to in order for them to register to receive all the emails and such.

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Web Site Updates

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Advertise your business on Earl Christy's 1040 am ESPN Radio talk show

Looking for a great way to promote your business at an incredibly reasonable price?

Every Monday night, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm on 1040am ESPN Radio, our very own lifetime club member and Super Bowl III Champ Earl Christy hosts a radio talk show with his on air buddy (and fan club member) Dave Constable.

It's a great show with special guest like Simeon Rice, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Yankees pitching coach Billy Connors and lot's more all with a local flavor.

Businesses like Peabody's, the Tampa SEO Training Academy, Alessi's Bakery, EmbroidMe Of Tampa, John Erb's Truck, RV, and Auto Service Center, and Urban Body currently advertise on the show and so can you.

Prices start as low as $50 per 30 second spot and package rates are also available. If you'd like to know more about advertising on the show, drop me an email at or call me at 813-235-6855.

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Jets / Bucs Tailgate Party Weekend

I know every Jets fan in the area is excited about the Jets playing here in Tampa this year. But it's not just us. We have four other fan clubs planning a trip to Tampa to join us for the weekends festivities.

Fan Clubs from Virgina, Atlanta, South Florida, and Port Orange have all contacted me and want to hook up with us for the game and the weekends activities.

We're planning a Happy Hour at Peabody's on Friday 12/11/09 for the members of all the clubs to get together and get to know one another.

On Saturday 12/12/09, we are trying to put together some kind of Meet-and-Greet with Jets Players. Hopefully at their hotel or by the practice field. Still working on that and would love it if anyone had any contacts inside the Jets.

Of course on Sunday 12/13/09 we are planning a huge tailgate party. We are still working on the details including a location but if anyone has any ideas for the tailgate (or the weekend) please let me know.

In addition, we are also looking for sponsors who might be willing to donate supplies, services, food, drinks, a location, or other items to the tailgate event.

Got something to add? Got a spark of an idea? Let me know.

Any and all ideas will be considered. Just lay it on me and we'll figure out the best of the best to make it an unforgettable day in Tampa for our Jets and the Fan Club

If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact me ASAP at or 813-235-6855.

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50/50 Raffle

We've got lot's of fun stuff to giveaway this week with many more things to come as the season continues. Be sure to look for Mangold or Melissa to get your tickets.

Well... that's it for now.

See you at P's


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